Risk consulting

Successful companies focus on accountability, strategy and transparency.
The expectations by regulators and other stakeholders keep increasing. This means companies must invest in discipline, control and responsibility.
Companies should also be alert about risks presented by suppliers. Counterparties which have not the same objectives for the quality of security measures, can have serious financial and reputational consequences for connected parties.

Fraud risks and data leakage can also increase. Insiders or external hackers can become more resourceful. They will find holes in your security. Are your systems and policies robust enough protect the risk of fraud and cybercrime?
Risk information needs to be part of strategic decision-making, where the emphasis is as much on risk as on growth.

Data Praesideo professionals can provide advice to companies to stay on track and deal with evolving IT risks that could disturb their business.
We combine our technical, risk and regulatory knowledge and help our clients to design and implement appropriate IT (security) governances to get in control of IT risk and compliance.

See in more detail our consulting services on Cyber risk reduction and Third party risk reduction

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