privacy statement


(Version 12-11-2017)

DATA PRAESIDEO  will find it of the utmost importance that your privacy is respected. We will therefore carefully handle your (personal) data. With this privacy statement, we want to inform you about what information we collect when you visit our website ( and how we deal with this information.

What information is collected

DATA PRAESIDEO  collects data that are required to be able to show you the website and to improve to contact us.

First of all you to provide us your details when signing up for the newsletter. Your name and email address are stored. In addition, we at general information about the date of register for the newsletter.

We also collect general data of visitors to our website, we do this to improve our website. In doing so, a cookie is WP statistics placed the data that are read are anonymized and this information will not be by WP statistics itself uses for its own purposes.

Use of the data

We use the collected data only for the purposes for which we have obtained the data.

The General visit information is used to show you the website and to analyze how many visitors our website gets, which Web pages are visited and where the visitors are coming from. With this information we can on a privacy friendly way analyze and improve the website. The personal information that we ask you to fill in the ‘ call me ‘ option to activate, we use only to contact you.

We also offer a newsletter through which we inform readers about news related to privacy. Your email address is only with explicit permission added to the list of subscribers. Each newsletter contains a link that you can opt out. The subscriber base of the newsletter is not provided to third parties.

We use Mailchimp for distributing our newsletter. Hereby, we collect your name and email address. When sending emails through Mailchimp so-called web beacons will be sent along. These web beacons when whether the e-mail has been opened and whether links in the newsletter were clicked. This information is used for statistical purposes. MailChimp may also collects data for its own purposes. See their privacy statement: https://www.mailchimp/privacypolicy

We give the data collected by us in any way to third parties, unless we are required by law (for example, if the authorities recover data with us).

Retention period of the data

The General visiting data will not be kept longer than a year. The data you have provided us so that we can contact you, be kept until the contact has taken place.

Data security

To prevent the data from the website incorrectly used, we have enabled encryption on our website. Through the use of encryption, the data traffic between you and the Web servers made unreadable, so outsiders there no access to it.

Inspection, correction and deletion of data

Under the data protection act you have the right to request to see your personal data and to modify or remove them if necessary. At the bottom of this privacy statement is how you contact us. To check your identity, we ask you to your IP address and a copy of your identity card or driver’s license. We highly recommend that you order your BSN number and passport photo to turn invisible and that it is a copy.


To analyze and improve the use of our Web site and how visitors to our website have come we place cookies on your analytical device. For that, we use WP Statistics. The statistics that are generated by these cookies we use only to improve our website. The data will not be shared with third parties.


Change privacy statement

We may change our privacy statement. Of this change, we will do an announcement on our website. Older versions of our privacy statement will be stored in our archive. Send us an email if you want to consult.

Our contact details

Questions about this privacy statement or about our services can be directed to by post we are as follows: DATA PRAESIDEO, Torenallee 20, 5617 BC Eindhoven. You can reach us by telephone at the number: + 31 (0) 85 065 5254


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