Data-driven riskmanagement

Identify, quantify, and mitigate risk without any input from you or your vendors.

Data Praesideo uses BitSight as the best approach for vendor risk management from a cybersecurity perspective. BitSight Security Ratings for Vendor Risk Management delivers timely, data-driven analyses of your vendors’ security performance.

The BitSight’s service delivers continuously analyzes, rates, and monitors companies’ security postures, all from the outside. New ratings are generated on a daily basis, giving you continuous visibility into the security of your assets.

With the ability to drill down into the security details used to generate an organization’s rating, you can have intelligent, data driven conversations with your vendors about their security posture. For the first time, you can manage risk and make business decisions based on evidence, enabling you to, not just trust, but also verify your vendors’ security posture.

Align Risk Management with Business Objectives. Make data-driven risk decisions and efficiently focus resources on the areas of most significant risk. Compare your vendors’ ratings against each other and industry averages. Create partner groups based on business objectives and manage risks separately for each group.
Take Action to Protect Your Assets. Receive alerts on significant changes in ratings. Arm yourself with evidence of security events on partner networks. Conduct intelligent and credible conversations with your vendors and partners on protecting your assets.
Reduce Risk, Cost Effectively. Get started without installing any new hardware or software. BitSight Security Ratings for Vendor Risk Management are delivered as a SaaS offering.

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